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With ten days to go, the LIDAR-Lite laser rangefinder project is just $5,000 from its crowdfunding goal (it's 91% funded). Now's the time to back it and put them over the top!

I love this project (I've backed it) and we're integrating it into the APM code. Along with using it for terrain following with copters (it's less noisy than sonar), we're optimistic that it will help with precision autolanding with planes, by providing precise altitude date under 10m so the aircraft can flare at exactly the right moment. We're going to fly an early prototype with APM:Plane and datalog the results; if that's successful, we'll put it into production and give it full support.

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  • Backed! Thanks Chris for pointing out this project

    @Dennis, almost there ;-) finger crossed for success in the funding (and the next steps in your campaign as well)



  • Ok, I eventually got to back this.

    Question - what mounting options come with it, and what are the important dimensions? I ask, because I can build these right into "Terence", and support LIDAR from day one.

  • 3D Robotics

    mP1: It will work with both APM and Pixhawk via the I2C port.

  • 3D Robotics

    99% funded with more than a week to go!

  • They are now only a thousand dollars from reaching their goal and have 9 days left, short of the Global economy collapsing, I'd say it is a done deal.

    I also think this is a really great product and it is going to be useful in a whole lot of applications.

    Servo scanned it can provide a perfectly adequate laser scanner for a lot robotic applications at an all up price 10 times cheaper than the cheapest 2D laser scanners and if you use a second servo, 3D is easy.

    And its light enough and small enough to even use scanned on a small quadcopter.

    Assuming this actually becomes commercially available at it's projected $79.00 price it is going to provide a whole new range of robotics and autonomous vehicle capability.

    Best Regards,


  • If it's so great, why didn't they go with a VC firm & finish it months ago?

  • @ MP19.

    I suspect Chris means the next version of arduxxxxx will support it. It uses the I2C interface, so I *assume* it will daisy-chain in with the 3DR external compass.

  • Tried to back this..but their payment page goes to a 404 error. Hope they take paypal or something...

  • Renaud - The LR3 isn't designed specifically for APM, so would need code changes. Also, since I posted that I was looking round their site and it seems the LR3 has been discontinued and replaced by the LR4. This is designed to work with the newer Fluke 414d, which sacrifices refresh rate for a longer working range (50m). The refresh rate may still be enough for auto-landing, where I guess you would be approaching the ground slowly so wouldn't expect rapid distance changes.

  • Just backed it, relying on the guys to integrate it into plane so I can get some terrain following happening :-)

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