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  • I see my old Paparazzi Funjet! Chris, you ever fly that thing?

  • 3D Robotics

    Brian: I've got a MyDIYCNC coming

    Dany: The 100watt replacements are just coming out and I haven't tried them. But I'm very happy with the 65 watt replacements from Philips, like this one

    Jack: I use it every day! I just tidied up a bit for the pic.
  • Don't think that workshop sees much use, but it makes a tiny nano studio apartment feel better, just not at age 40.  The cost of sharing space with other people.

  • Sergei-

    What's a good entry-level laser cutter that might be had in the second hand market for cheap?  Links appreciated!


  • Distributor

    Chris, what is the best LED light bulb out there? no flickering, bright output... looking to replace 100 watts regular bulbs... you are the king so enlightened us!  

  • I'm surprised there's no laser cutter in that setup! I've found it indispensable for prototypes/adapters etc (I'd say much more than a current 3d printer would be). They're still a bit pricey but once you have one there's basically no operating costs, the materials are cheap, and it's incredibly fast to use..

  • Chris, what CNC machine are you adding to your workshop?

  • Admin
    Nice setup Chris. I wish I had that much space!! Mine is about 1/10 that size, but my heavy metal/wood working equipment is out in the garage.
  • You Tease!  :)

  • 3D Robotics

    Thanks, John! There a few secret things on that workbench, too, but fortunately the photo is too small to show them ;-)

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