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  • Hi LD,

    I am interested which of LightWare LRFs is most sensitive. Is there real difference in sensitivity between SF20, SF11/C and SF30/C?

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    The SF20 with a USB adaptor cable. Outdoor tests in sunlight gave 100m range on a grey painted wall at 388 readings per second with the maximum theoretical range of 120m reached on the same target at 48 readings per second.

  • Sounds great to me LD, really looking forward to getting going on them.

  • @Gary - I've already put two aside for you from our dev batch so you can have them or wait for new ones if you would prefer. The only difference is the pinouts on the connector plug.

  • Hi Gary,

    We're working as quickly as we can to launch the SF20 on our web store as well. In the mean time you can place an order directly with me:

    For our first full production run we unfortunately need 8 weeks. We have to ensure suppliers can deliver on all the new parts and that everything we receive in from them are to spec and there are no bugs in the production processes etc. This takes extra time.

    As soon as the product is part of our normal processes this lead time will come down to 4 weeks and less, like most of our other products.


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  • Hi LD,

    Just wondered where the SF20 is, My shop is done and I really want to order a couple.

    Also really hoping for less than 8 week lead time.



  • @JB - The main purpose of the encryption is to distinguish between the LW20 signals and signals from other LiDAR devices, especially in cluttered signal space such as might be found around self driving cars or where LiDAR scanners are used for sense-and-avoid on swarming drones. It also improves the rejection of background noise from sunlight and other sources.

    Of course we need to watch out for "sun aliens" as well ;).

  • @Nadia, you wrote "The SF20 will launch within the next 2 weeks." But web site says 8 weeks backorder...

    If i order now, will it ship in 2 or 8 weeks ?

  • Time to order something from LD/Lightware. This time I'll have to pay. ;-)

    LD when you say encryption, do you mean create an "unnatural" signal the LIDAR can distinguish from background noise, like from the sun? Or do you have to encrypt the signal so that "sun aliens" don't interfere with the LIDAR signal? :-p

  • @Hugues - Suffice it to say that the timing system isn't just straight forwards signal sampling. We have encryption superimposed on the signals and we have to operate with very high noise when aiming directly at the sun. I wish there was a simple way of doing this ;).

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