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  • @Onno - We have made good progress with this so if you are interested in running tests for us please contact and give Tracy some idea of your application and ask her to add you to the demo list ;). Domain Homepage
    The Domain Homepage - contains pertinent and detailed information specific to South African domain registrations
  • @Laser Developer

    I am interested whether there is any update on its performance above water surfaces due to possible purchase for height measurements above the sea surface.
  • No specific water testing yet but it's on the to do list ;).

  • @Laser Developer,

    Have you conducted any Tests on Water Surfaces yet? 

  • I would assume it's not the LIDAR's task to decide how your Plane would or should react to this... :-S

  • HI, I have ordered 1 unit of each SF20 and LW20. I will install them on my fixed wings plane. 

    We are flying in a mining area and we do auto-landing. Here are the photos and a small illustrator about the area.
    We would like to know how the plane will act in such steep land and mining area while doing auto-landing.

    The short runway is above as it is showing in the illustrator.  

    I sent you an email in the morning as well. 


  • @Richard Kennedy - We haven't completed testing over water yet so I can't give you a quantifiable measure of the performance. The surface of water is complex and what works in one condition might not work in other conditions. We'll let everyone know once we have some results.

  •  I fly over large lakes. It's can go from very calm to choppy waves. I am interested to know how this would work over water? thx

  • @Valdur Kaldvee - Each of our products has different advantages to suit different applications.

    In the case of the LW20 it's all about small size, low weight and being in a waterproof housing.

    The SF11/C on the other hand has similar range performance (sensitivity) but better accuracy and is often used at shorter ranges such as during landing.

    The SF30/C also has similar range performance but is designed with a very fast update rate.

    In some applications, there may not be much difference between these products because there are no special performance requirements in terms of speed or accuracy. In other applications the specific performance may be critical.

    If you have an application in mind we can always help you to chose the product that is best suited.

  • Hi Valdur, 

    The SF11/C offers the best accuracy of those three products.

    The SF20 offers the best immunity to background noise.

    I hope this answers your question.



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