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  • Chaulk one up for the Airbus Aero Engineers....Yikes.

  • It doesn't sound like they ever got to the point where the quad motors turned off in flight. So full transition TBD?

  • About a 1000 miles from the "Winning" design....Kind of joke considering all the criteria they laid for this completion. Using an ardupilot really flies in the face of the whole program.      Well if it does fly I guess that's all that counts.

  • Reading back over the initial comments some of us made when the winning design was announce is... illuminating.

    see thread here

  • funny watching these clowns fumble when they could have just bought this of the inter-webs

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  • Huh.. I would of thought the purpose built HK PXH Mini would surely fit somewhere? ;-)

  • Yes John, that big pusher motor is obviously a huge problem.  Remember I pointed that out WAY back when the winner was announced.  Yet apparently the Airbus engineers, who we were assured are not idiots, thought it wasn't a problem.  I guess it is, and they are?

    Where is the battery suspended from rods out the front on this larger version?

    Also, looking at the fuselage structure in this image, I wonder where they intend to place all the avionics?  

  • 100KM

    A significant improvement for the prototype would be to replace the delrin support rods with carbon fiber tubes.   Delrin is not very stiff for its weight.    1/10 the stiffness of the same weight in balsa, or aircraft quality plywood.  

  • Developer

    Look at this picture, and consider there is a big pusher motor stuck at the end of the tail. Even without the motor, how could it be anything but tail heavy? Any experienced RC modeller would take one look at walk away.


  • Patrick, I think the reason why the community isn't helping, is because the jig is up.

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