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    I had the same question. 

    Dont get me wrong, I like what I see BUT the normal route is that the early adopters get to find all the errors and problems and have all the hassle and reloading after updates and so they either get if "free" or low cost and then when all the bugs are resolved the creator starts to make the money. 

    It is not reasonable to pay for something that has no provenance, sorry. 

  • Sorry Im not paying for something unproven

  • Hey Jordan - We believe that your data is just that, yours. We do not share or distribute your data in any way. We use ACL policys on our database to ensure that only you have access to your data. Calls to our API are made over HTTPS, in an encrypted package. 

    Finally its worth noting that the app itself uses parse analytics, (you can find out more about that here We are currently using this for usage data. If this is of particular concern we can look into providing an option to disable analytics all together.

    If you have any more questions about the privacy of the data don't hesitate to contact me.



  • Is privacy of data guaranteed? I know my employer is distrustful of 3rd party recording services for our business, but I think this is a good idea 

  • Toby - You can currently record how many batteries you use, and there is a open-ended notes section where you can add more details. Adding in mores specific logging for batteries with some nice graphs is on our longterm roadmap however it will not be in the most resent update we are pushing out. If our users find that they really want/need this then we will most certainly increase the priority of this feature.

    Dwgsparky - The price structure is setup so it is a one off payment for the service (the app purchase) there is no advertising, no in app purchase and you will receive all future updates. The app is presented as a ready to use service (i.e. it is stable, there will be no data wipes, and has the fundamental functionality) however we are still actively developing the service. By adding in new features and functionality that our users suggest.

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    I am surprised to see this at 4.99 when its not complete and ready to use, 

    How do you get 4 stars on the release date?   

  • Can you record which battery you used for a flight. So you can track battery usage over time.

  • Hi Garry,

    We are working on a feature where you can export flights from a date-range of your choice to a nicely formatted pdf, that you would then be able to print. Expect to see this in the next app update.

    The current workaround before this update goes live, is to request all of the data that we have on your account. This gets delivered as a zip file, within this you will find all of your flights that you have logged. You could then print this out.



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    Can printed versions of the entries be made? Its a legal requirement in South Africa to create printed log entries at least every 90 days.

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