Long Endurance Drone RC Airship

RC Airship Long Endurance Drone 
1 cubic meter Vol.
1hr 30 mins flight on one 5.2 Amp LiPo Battery
Battery 12.6V at start 11.2V end 
Downlink Camera only no Gimbal. - ( Gimbal and action cam next flight test)

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  • 1hr 30 min Long Endurancse flight  - view from the ground        


  • Comment by Martin Hill just nowDelete Comment

    Hi Adam I have tested a ballonet system in a similar airship.  It is more about maintaining the correct envelope pressure while on the ground, between sun and cloud cover, is less of a problem once in the air.   

    I have tested it with Flight controller/OSD/waypoints etc.

    The overall aim of this development is not just to build and fly a one off RC airship, many people have done that for years. It is to build and operate an RC airship more like a Drone/Multicopter but with long endurance ( Solar power will be tested at some point ) at an affordable price i.e.keep it as small as possible with Helium recovery /storage and transport.  Around 1 cubic meter vol is the sweet spot for the RC Airship to carry a camera system the same as drones between 500 - £1000, but 4 times the endurance.

  • Great work Martin, thats amazing endurance, any longer and you'll have to work out how to cope with varying temperature changes expanding or contracting the helium.  The airships too small to have an internal ballonet.

  • Hi john see my previous video  for the type of airship   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMPtHGWouNQ

    Wind speed was about 5-6 mph.  Will test in higher speeds soon. 

    The video was all about proving the endurance not video quality, will combine endurance with a stabilised video on next flight.

  • Martin, is that the same airship from your previous post?

    Would be interesting to see how it swims in the air. And because you've stabilized the video, its even more difficult to understand its true orientation.

    Was there any wind during the flight?

  • Can you post some photos of the airship?

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