Long Range Radio Questions

Does anybody know what wattage [how powerfully] I can legally transmit without any sort of liscence?On what Channels?btw, a radio works by grounding the antenna to the middle wire on a pnp transistor correct?So I could use two transitors to build a simple amp?Like this?:_______New ant.______________________I_______________________+ --[I]-- - GND________________ ^__________________________ ^ <---------------WIRE____________ ^___________________________ ^_______________+Volts + --[I}--^ -______________________I_______________________RC ant.___________-The underlines are used to hold the spaces.Thanks-R.Drone ;)
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  • Ed was right, getting your amateur radio license is not a hard task, you could look on the arrl.org site and find a local club in the area. I am certin that there are members of the club that can help you get your license and help you with your project.

    Hope this helps,
    Shawn Jones, KJ4KNW
    The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and reso…
  • Thanks for the suggestions!; wayne, you weren't kidding when you said everytihing you ever wanted to know about the subject !

    Sorry about the picture maybe I will attempt to post another then again maybe that would be a waste of time.

    Thanks again,

  • R. Drone - getting your basic ham radio license will both answer your legal questions and teach you enough electronics to be able to answer your electronics question. It will also let you experiment with more radio power. It's quite easy, not much study, and I would definitely recommend it as worthwhile.

    M0TEK (my callsign!)
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    You should also look at how antennas are cut or made to the correct length for the frequency they are needed.

    Also the type of cable used to feed the antenna is important.

    Stuffing more power into an antenna might not make it shout louder, it might just make heat somewhere along the line.

    I think a good answer would be to seek out a radio ham and do the basic licence over there. Somebody here will be able to add to this and say what its called I can't remember.

    That will permit you to use more power, and for later on in life any extra paper qualification will look good on your application to university or the dreaded work.

    So its win win.

    Be warned that playing with antennas can easily damage stuff electronically.

    Off with you to the books and study!!

    As I keep saying to my sons, no shortcuts!!

    Its a pain eh?
  • 100KM
    "Does anybody know what wattage [how powerfully] I can legally transmit without any sort of liscence?"
    everything you ever wanted to know about the subject at least in the US.
  • Robert, electronics is a bit more complex than this. The main problem is that this picture is not understandable. What is the exact problem? You have an RC remote controller without an antenna and you want to connect an antenna to it? However, RF amplifiers are not simple.
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