Looking for ~10 beta testers for a new UAS/UAV/Drone website we are developing.  In return you’ll get to add your input on what may become a main focal point for all UAS/UAV/Drone users both domestic/Commercial and Government.  You’ll also get first shot at some internal items I can’t talk about here just yet.

Initial release for the website is mid-June, but we would like to get input from power UAV/UAS owner/pilots prior to unveiling.   If interested in learning more please send an email with your UAS/UAV resume to beta@aerowaze.com

What we are looking for are those that currently fly any of the three types of UAS/UAVs:  helicopters, Multirotor and planes. Just give us an example of what you’re currently flying, how many hours and why?

This should not take anything away from DIY Drones, if anything might add to it!





Bill Neuhauser P.E.

www.aerowaze.com  (site not up yet)



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  • Our main objective for the site to for full public aware of where we are and when were we there!  Also we will be giving the users a place to log their flights and to keep records for future verification by the FAA.  We all know that this will probably be a major requirement for commercial use of drones/sUAS.  Just trying to get a head of the curve.

  • beta@aerowaze.com
  • MR60

    Either you communicated too much, either not enough. What's the end objective(s) of your site ?

  • Where can we get more information on what the site will be for? It sounds interesting...

  • I'll bet the MIB/FAA/govt would love to get their hands on the data you are collecting about our community, huh?

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