6ch24gradiomanualen.pdfI just purchased this low cost 2.4 G Computer Trasmitter/Dual Receiver that is cheap because it does not have the LCD, etc. adjustments built in, but uses your computer to set up and change the settings. It's seems similar to the FASST or Spektrum. (Here is another place to get it from)Of course I promptly broke off the small (about 2 inches) antenna wire on the receiver. My question, before I solder it back: can I add a longer length antenna to replace the broken one (since I will need to take it apart anyway) so I can potentially increase range? If yes, it would increase range, how long of an antenna should I make (between 5-12 inches)?Thank you,Tom
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  • Sami. That's reassuring to know. Seems like a very good deal.
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    @Tom: That's actually related only to Corona 2.4GHz modules not the iMax/Turnigy 9X radio itself. I use ASSAN 2.4GHz modules in my Turnigy 9X and have range tested them on ground upto 1km and didn't feel like going any further.
  • There seem to be some problems with the "higher end" version of this product line:

    Bugs in Corona/Turnigy FHSS 2.4GHz RC System
    Turnigh/Corona FHSS RC system pulled after RCModelReviews discovers critical bugs
  • Simon,

    I couldn't let go this option for this price and a chance to upgrade my gear while also gaining some more features. If I would have had to pay $200+ for this setup, would have waited until I had more invested. At this point, this was the best bang for the buck vs time available.
  • Some of you may not have seen the review of the Turnigy/iMax9 Tx on http://www.rcmodelreviews.com/ - well worth a read !
    This site also has some excellent reviews / articles on other RC stuff - servos for example.

    What happened to the Futaba Tx conversion Tom?
    Radio Controled Model Reviews
    Radio Control news, reviews, tutorials and more. Everything for the RC model enthusiast
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    @Tom: That's right.. And that's precicely why I'd recommend this radio to a complete newbie too; buying radio equipment is alwasy problematic at the start of this hobby as if you buy cheap equipment you'll usually have to update it very soon if you decide to go further with the hobby. This radio makes an exception. I'd also recommend the Turnigy/iMax 9X for its awsome features (9 channels and more knobs and programming features you'll likely need on anything that is flying except for some heli systems) vs. the 70$ price tag. It's a bargain even when taking into consideration the few bugs that exist in its software.
  • Earl. Thanks for the tip on the ground side connection.

    I just went 2.4 GHZ. Not really for the frequency, but for the price vs features this system above offers. It seems that Hobby King has the same set up as above for $30 instead of $60.
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    Tom, I don't have myself Turborix/HobbyKing 6ch radio, but I've read alot about it. And yes the satellite receiver helps eliminating noise etc. but without frequency agility (i.e. FHSS or DSSS) a strong noise source will still knock you out; this could be, for example, a wireless 2,4GHz video transmitter near your receiver with a channel overlapping yours. But STILL the system is reliable in mild to moderate noise environment; besides I haven't heard of any major problems with the system.
  • I own a small wireless ISP that uses 2.4ghz. I have often thought of putting a reverse polarity sma connector on the rx and using a 7DB rubber duckie type of antenna. My RC stuff is 72mhz but I am thinking of going to 2.4g. Just keep the center antenna connection as short as possible. If you can, connect the ground side of the sma to the ground of the RX again as close to the connector as possible.
  • Sami,

    Thanks for the tip on HobbyKing. Seems to have some great deals.

    I assumed that the dual receivers would help eliminate singal loss or noise interference. Did yhou experience these problems wiht this set up?
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