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We are introducing the new Professional Protogrammetry Quadcopter Harfang RTK. This is a Ready to Fly Drone, aimed to Professional users with a Low Price point and High End features. Flies 30+ minutes and complies with "light weight" standards! 

3689711966?profile=originalBased on the familiar Pixhawk Autopilot, a mainframe made by France's Lab4Drone and broadly used Spain's North RTKite GNSS RTK receiver, the Harfang RTK is fully made in Europe and supplied worldwide.

The RTKite GNSS Receivers allows to eliminate or minimize the GCP on the field while incredibly stabilizing the navigation with its millimetric real time accuracy. It can connect directly to the available NTRIP CORS stations with its onboard mobile cellular modem, Receive corrections from an RTK Ground base by GPRS through the exclusive AutoCaster system or use the Pixhawk RF from the ground control to receive the RTK corrections from an SmaRTK Base receiver.


This carefully crafted collaboration between a high-end drone producer and a professional RTK supplier, makes sure that the integration is seamless and the most easy to use out of the box.


The exclusive Patented drone mainframe is designed from high-quality carbon fiber rods and a simplistic Snap-On design where the spare parts can be produced in house by the end user by simple rod cutting and 3D-Printing if needed, greatly reducing the repairment costs on site.


The Harfang RTK Drone with North RTKite GNSS RTK Receiver, comes with a selection of entry-level Sony Camera, Professional Sigma camera or Multi-Spectral Parrot Sequoya camera, to fit most purposes.


Regarding the GNSS it can operate on either Single, RTK (Real Time Kinematic) millimetric, PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) millimetric and a vast array of data logs and formats including all the NMEA standards, Novatel's Raw and Bestpos, RTCM, Trimble's CRM, RINEX and many more.

The Harfang RTK drone, as well as the RTKite receiver and the ground SmaRTK Base receivers can be easily ordered online and you can contact us at North Group for any special set configuration not available as ready-made sets.

Just drop us a message!

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  • sure! Take a look. We are also preparing a video with several tests.3702357200?profile=original

  • Developer
    Nice design! Can you post some closer shots and more details of the gimbal?
  • Cool modular design!

  • Agree. We are RTK experts so we rely on drone experts to make this one, the H shape gives a weight under 2Kg and flights like a charm for 30+minutes, with reserve!

  • Moderator

    Well done @Bernardo! We have a very similar "H" Shape design :) In my opinion this is the best way to keep the things clear and light.

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