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  • Has anybody seen this HD camera - Not sure how it would compare.
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    Wayne, sure will do but even if I go for it, no way in he.. will I put a SX200 IS in any airframe I have , too many hurdles to cross.
    Cons of such cam models:
    1. Wind resistance( need dome enclosure)
    2. weight
    3, crime if trigger has to be rigged internal ( I know the ausi trigger but price goes up again)
    4, Need a beefed up pan and tilt mechanism
    5, Video out is sort of proprietary and flimsy too with very little option to keep it secure incase you want to connect it like FPV cam( my major reason)
    6, dome would be atleast 5" dia to make it work ( here is one , here is another good supply of different dome size and quality
    7 need deep pocket to put up a cam like this in a good airframe.
    I got some thing similar to Kx181 also which has to do for the R & D for now :)), need to brew a power harness and pwr supply for video tx,
    May I suggest , search for sony box cam( without box) with decent spec( thats what many of the prof UAV cam use), they have really really good spec for the under 300 $ if u want to go all the way,
  • No personal experience but the local hacker space is getting one of these:

  • Well Morli keep us posted on your success with all of that. Let me know what you find for a dome I have been contemplating a few things myself. Such as having a door on the bottom for the vid cam to come out and go into. Guido: I have come across that cam before the video looks absolutely beautiful but again that price is going to hurt a bit. It will be nice to keep fallowing this and what kinds of feed back we get about different (HD) cameras. Right now Im thinking of going with a Kx171 but man id love to have an affordable HD cam.
  • ContourHD 1080P, not really cheap but tiny.
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    :)))) Wayne , the FW hack was some thing I found recently too and canon is my prime choice, but I am not too confident yet on my AP and airframe to put such cam( it is bit expensive here) Wayne , that is one reason for me too , plus it has HD ( not Full HD but that will do for now). The IS function is gr8 , I did a quick test in showroom and was impressed with the optical zoom( highest in this catogory I believe) , the problem now is to find suitable dome here and airframe that won't make this cam look alien.
  • Very nice, and a great price to.
  • This wasn't on a UAV, but I was mighty impressed with the HD video from the JVC GC-FM1 or Picsio a friend took on his Radian glider considering the light was pretty poor. (remember to turn HD on!)
  • As for the picture cameras Canons are a great choice. I own an XSi but I was looking at the one posted above myself and they are great not only because they have IS (Image Stabilization) but you can flash a new firmware on them called CHDK. The CHDK firmware adds many new features and really opens the camera up to its full capability. One of the real cool things you can do is create a trigger for the camera to "snap" the pictures. If I recall I think in most cases the trigger consists of nothing more than two wires which will get hooked up to your other electronics.
  • The small camcorders like Camileo, Webbie. Aiptek etc. can't handle movement very well, the sample videos are jumpy.
    Is there a small camcorder with perfect, fluid HD video?
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