Hi fellows,

I would like to introduce you the Lychee.

Recently we started to Lychee project, now we are accepting pre-orders for the first batch (limited number of Lychee we will produce in this first batch) which will be ship in the second half of January.  


LYCHEE-made for UAV development

Lychee is a compact size drone computer board with built-in Raspberry Pi CM3L for Cube flight controller. It allows developers to create drone applications in a very short time in Linux environment.

Broadcom BCM2837 CPU 1.2GHZ | 1GB RAM

Lychee has a powerful companion computer to develop UAV applications in a separate, powerful computer without affecting the flight controller which is busy by controlling the drone.

Thin and Sleek

Lychee packed in a low-profile case can easily fit even in very compact drones. Lychee is 100 x 48 x 15 mm.

Heat dissipation body

The genuinely designed metal bottom part of the body works as a heat sink and efficiently dissipates heat from the CPU.


Plug and Play connectivity

Lychee is reach with connectors from RPI and from Cube to make hardware installation super easy and fast. Lychee connectors are compatible with PH2 connectors with dronecode standard JST-GH

Connections from companion computer CM3L:

-3 x USB, Camera1/Camera2, UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO17/GPIO18.

Connections from the Cube:

-GPS1/GPS2, Telem1/Telem2, CAN1/CAN2, USB, ADC

-I2C, S.BUS, Spk-t, Serial5, Power1/Power2, 14 x PWM out.

We believe Lychee will bring many new possibilities to the drone industry,  applications with image processing, vision-based navigation, machine learning etc are the future of drones.

for more information visit LYCHEE

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