MAAT final version is being tested


MAAT is an open-source MAVLink based Automatic Antenna Tracking system. It read MAVLink messages from the UAV, calculates the direction of the aircraft, and spins the antenna to that direction to maximize the RF signal strength. It can run as a standalone device, or as a repeater between the UAV and the Ground Station. We also add some extra function (e.g. fly mode changing, data logging), hope it can be a lightweight replacement of the ground station in the leisure flights.
The features of MAAT include:
Antenna tracking (in cooperation with APM and wireless data transmission module)
Aircraft status monitoring
MAVLink message relay
Fly mode setup during flying
Data logging (to micro-sd card)

The source code of MAAT is placed at The MAAT project uses some code in the Ardupilot Mega project and the ArduStation project. We'd like to thank them for their contribution to the open source community.





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  • Any update?
  • i am looking to build an airborne mavlink repeater to allow coverage of a low flying vehicle that is out of line of sight from the ground station due to hills or other obstructions.  my primary application is search and rescue.  it looks like this would work for what i need to do.  what is the current status of your effort?


  • I have this tracker and will be using this servo. I'm planning to use the ardustation sw modified by Heino.

    The problem is it was designed to work with a geared pan but this tracker is driven direct by the servo. Actually the servo I will use is a winch servo that goes 3.5 turns.

    Can I use this software on the ardustation or will I need your hardware and will/can it take advantage of the 3.5 turns on the pan servo?

  • Very interested! do you have a price in mind at the moment?

  • Very cool -would like to see more
  • Cool!

  • Moderator

    Thanks binzi.  This would make a great DIY job.  Are you planning on releasing a little build info?

  • Very cool! I have been wondering when one of these would become available. Very interested!

  • When / where is this available to purchase?

  • Not possible to recycle an old apm1 to run it ?

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