Mapping Mission Ride Along

Here's my 1st mapping test flight with a Skyhunter twin-boom pusher. Im running Arduplane 2.73. Mapping camera is a Canon s95 running an intervalometer script via chdk. Its suspended from a single axis gimbal that keeps the camera pointing down regardless of aircraft bank angle. Video shot from a GoPro 3 Black Edition.

It took 120 photos during the 10 minute flight, and stitched with PT GUI. I need to refine my grid spacing and polygon locations relative to the target area, and intervalometer timing. The generated map is a little rough, but its a great start.

 I gave up on using the APM trigger at 3m from waypoint function as I couldn't get it to work and there's just no documentation on it.


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    this is a link to the point cloud. Here is a link to the software to view it:

  • This was all done with Agisoft photoscan pro. I used google earth to find some coordinates to use as ground control points. If you get another flight done I would be interested in working with the imagery you collect. If you want I could also share with you a copy of the 3D point cloud (a LAS file) shown in the video. To open it you will need QT Reader a free piece of software from a company called Applied Imagery.


    Here is an orthophoto I made. It is a kmz file that is about 180mb.

  • I dont, but i will do a new flight soon.
    I assumebyou are using the professional edition?
  • I am using Agisoft Photoscan. I am really liking it. If you have a tracklog from that flight it would work even better.

  • Jarrett, sorry for the late reply.myour 3d map looks great.what program?
  • 3D PDF

    Here is a link to a 3D pdf that I made seems that no one else has delivered after asking for the data. If I had a gps tracklog I might be able to geocode the photos and create a more accurate model with actual location data.

  • nice 

  • @Chris

    Very good instructions. Thanks.

  • absolutely. If I can just find a point and shoot canon without optical image stabilization (OIS) that has the quality and megapixels (or better quality) of the S95, Ill be set! If I do find one, it needs to be the exact width or smaller to fit my gimbal...

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