Mapping Mission Ride Along

Here's my 1st mapping test flight with a Skyhunter twin-boom pusher. Im running Arduplane 2.73. Mapping camera is a Canon s95 running an intervalometer script via chdk. Its suspended from a single axis gimbal that keeps the camera pointing down regardless of aircraft bank angle. Video shot from a GoPro 3 Black Edition.

It took 120 photos during the 10 minute flight, and stitched with PT GUI. I need to refine my grid spacing and polygon locations relative to the target area, and intervalometer timing. The generated map is a little rough, but its a great start.

 I gave up on using the APM trigger at 3m from waypoint function as I couldn't get it to work and there's just no documentation on it.


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  • Agreed. If they could only implement the 3m from waypoint function, then you could just define waypoints (single or multiple) and let the trigger do the work. Grid would work without having to add DO_Camera commands, and life would be good. :)

  • Matt, glad you liked APG.
    Guys, I feel a bit discouraged by reading about apm trigger problem. This platform is a bit too mature to present snags in such fundamental functions! Aerial photo mapping occurs like one of the obvious uses... But then the basic features must work easily and reliably.
    Have I (again) overestimated the state of Arduplane functionality? Hope not...
  • MR60
    Hey Matt,
    I am experiencing the same frustrations you had (maybe still have) about the "non support" to have the camera trigger functionality work on APM2.5. In your case you did not get it to make it trigger automatically at waypoints; in my case i do not even succeed to make it trigger manually using AN5 to AN9 (it seems ro only work using AN10 and AN11 but these are used for gimbal stabilization tilt/roll).
    I would like to gather a group of people who would be ready to petition to developers of this community to correct these functions that we absolutely need for aerial photography. Maybe 3DR could also help provide a functional camera trigger for APM2.5?
    Anyone interested in pushing this matter forward, please pm me.
  • Here you go. Have at it; Im looking forward to seeing the results.
  • Developer

    I have agisoft too, if you want you can upload the dataset to somewhere and Kirill or I can make the orthophoto. 

  • I think we all would be.

  • Hi Kirill,
    I would be interested to see the result from the Agisoft software.
  • I have Agisoft software for making orthophoto images and DEMs. Would you like to see the result?

  • yep, I'll be purchasing :)

  • Matt

    Looking at that picture is it safe to say the free version of Autopano leaves a watermark?
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