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  • Thanks for sharing.  I'm impressed with how fluid and introductory Banzi made this talk.  Someone with almost no tech knowledge can understand his topic easily.  

  • Developer

    Jack, I know the marked is difficult where you live. But that mindset would be the kind of job environment I would try to steer clear of. The way I see it, leaning and adapting new technology/concepts is what engineering is all about. If not they should just hire a mindless 9-5 drone.

  • The impression hiring managers have given is if you've been working on open source projects for a long time, especially if they've been more ambitious than the simple LED blinker, they're afraid you're not going to have the 12 hour days & the enthusiasm they want for their job openings.  The types of jobs today are also a lot more specialized & short term than years ago, so they haven't been looking for the constantly learning, long term company assets they used to.  They want people who are cheap, going to finish 1 task that doesn't involve any learning, & be gone. That was what the guy at Comcast & Intel said, anyways.

  • I liked the subtile audience laugh when he said there was a spanyard involved in the project (euro 2012 finals :  Italy 0 vs Spain 4) eheheh

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