MatrixPilot 3.0's Improved Navigation

This is a screenshot of part of one of my MP3.0 test flights from yesterday.  The plane was programmed to fly figure eights, using the UDB Logo program below.  The GPS track is shown at 1Hz, and the dead reckoned IMU track is shown at 4Hz.  The plane had taken off very recently when it started this track, so it was still calibrating for the wind speed. That's why the first side of the eight (blue) is a bit less pretty than the 2nd half of the eight (yellow). Each circle is programmed to be just over 100m in diameter, but I used a 20m waypoint radius, so the circles became much smaller.

There are a few things to notice here.  One is that the dead reckoning is pretty darn close to the GPS track.  The other noteworthy point is that the wind was blowing at almost 20mph, and the UDB adjusted its navigation gains dynamically as it turned into and away from the wind, to keep the course over ground in line with the flight plan.  Thanks to Bill for both of these improvements!

Here's the quick and dirty UDB Logo program I used for these eights:

SET_ALT( 60 )
SET_POS( -20, 50 )

       REPEAT( 18 )
               RT( 20 )
               FD( 20 )

       REPEAT( 18 )
               LT( 20 )
               FD( 20 )

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Comment by DaveyWaveyBunsenBurner on April 29, 2011 at 12:10am
Think a UAV Dev board may be my next toy!

Comment by Gary Mortimer on April 29, 2011 at 11:53am
Very very nice Ben, the project is going great guns well done.


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