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3689560069?profile=originalIn Canberra (Australia) we recently ran a "How to use MAVProxy" workshop at the MHV workspace. We had a dozen or so people turn up and we spent the afternoon going through the software and it's numerous modules.

For those who don't know about MAVProxy, it is a UAV ground control station (much like Mission Planner). The emphasis is on portability, stability and low use of system resources. It was the ground station software used by the CanberraUAV team in the 2012 Outback UAV Challenge.

By itself it runs on the console, but can be extended via modules which provide a (basic) GUI. It works on any Windows or Linux machine (via Python) and is compatible with any UAV using the MAVLink protocol, such as the APM and PX4/PIXHAWK.

The documentation for MAVProxy has recently been updated and can be found at

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  • Wow, a rocket launch is a neat idea.  What kind of altitude are you expecting?   As for voice chat programs, I prefer mumble to TS, because it's free and open source.

  • Now I'm *really* interested :)

  • Aytek - Thanks for the correction!

    Monroe - MAVProxy can indeed do that. Due to how the simulation environment works, it would be far easier to run it in SITL mode instead. There's a script in the APM source code for running the simulator:

    You can then use the --out option for all of the remote ground stations. You just need their IP addresses. Not sure if it will work through proxies though.

  • I would like to report little typo error at

    wp load

    Load a new set of waypoints from file.

    wp save filename.txt

    wp save

    Save the set of current waypoints to file.

    wp save filename.txt



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