MCopter After PID Tuning

Here's a short flight after I did a bit of PID tuning.  Flying latest ArduPirates code and still need to tune the hover and position hold.


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  • and the lack of good altitude hold is all me.  i have the shakes really bad and it only gets worse when i think about crashing :-)



  • Hi Tom.  Sure.  I am running Hacker 20-22L's with APC 10x4.5 SF and the center to motor shaft distance is ~13" or ~330mm.  TP 4350mAH 20C 3s lipo.  AUW in this video is about 4lbs, so I need bigger motors to fly a payload as I am already just under 2:1 at my altitude of 5000' MSL; and it's only going to get worse as the temps rise and force Density Altitude up.  I thought it was going to be a coax 8 but I just tried my first ground checks with that config and do not have the lift with these motor prop combos that I need to off set the additional weight.  I think this frame will end up getting bigger motors and I'll reserve the 20-22's for a small hex with gopro rig.












    I know the Pirates have a spreadsheet going to track this stuff but I wanted to get more time flying each version before I claim I have good data.  Specifically I want to see how large I can get D before it rings/oscillates.


  • Coby can you please share your PID setting thank you  Tom
  • stable mode.  the short hovers are me checking trim and it's just about hands-off.  there were some light swirling winds but not bad.  when you see it wobble a bit it's because i am bumping the sticks in a direction to see how fast it comes back to level.  i am also checking to see how fast it comes to a hover after a side to side and front to back translation.  i am not at all sure i have the PIDs set just right but i think they are close.
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    Are you in aero mode or stable mode on this video?
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