With my endless effort to keep everything cheap and I'm just starting (I just got a pick and place machine!). If you want a cheap GPS here is the best deal you can get, pretty good actually:

Click Here!

-Basedon MediaTek Single Chip Architecture.
-Supply from 3.3V to 5V!
-Dimension:16mm x 16mm x 6mm
-L1Frequency, C/A code, 66 channels
-High Sensitivity:Up to -165dBmtracking, superior urban performances
-Position Accuracy:< 3m CEP(50%) without SA (horizontal)
-Cold Start is under 35 seconds(Typical)
-Warm Start is under 34 seconds (Typical)
-Hot Start isunder 1 second (Typical)
-Low Power Consumption:48mA @ acquisition,37mA @ tracking
-Low shut-down current consumption:15uA, typical
-DGPS(WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS) support (optional by firmware)
-USB/UART Interface
-SupportAGPS function

You can watch it in action here, i got 9 satellites during fly, taking in consideration a 1.3Ghz@1Watt video transmitter very near to it:

The heading and the altitude is not that bad! Soon i will release an easy to solder interface board with EM-406 "like" port.
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  • Admin

    Do you plan to release the interface board this week?

  • 3D Robotics
    The interface board is done (I played with it this weekend). Looks great--amazingly small. Will be released in a week or two...
  • I've been looking around to try to figure out the best way to make an interface to the board. It's not very easily designed for it.
  • Hi Jordy,
    What is the status of the interface board for the MT3329, available soon?

    Started a thread in the GPS section of the DIYdrones forums.
  • eh for anyone wondering the actual model # this is it


  • Admin
    Thanks for the Info Jordi.
    Yes I know it is GPS module and not a chip since Mook can buy your module and desolder the patch antenna and remove the ceramic spacer too, all he will be left is what he is looking( Chip) for I guess :). Trying to help Mook.
    BTW , I like to know if the forbidden area is whole of the board under the antenna or is it just the center 2-3 mm point under the antenna where the antenna is soldered to the board? I read your documentation but did not understand this issue/point. Are these( the board that is seen under the GPS antenna module) double sided PCBs? Thanks once again for the clarification.
  • Developer
    Morli, At least one item you can erase from you check list.... I don't myself buying coin battery's... But is up to the guy who is going to buy it... And is not a Chip, is a "GPS Antenna Module"...

    Remzibi has been using it without the boards for months, without a single problem... He just soldered the wires directly with a nice connector and wrap it! The GPS has a LDO that regulates the voltage... In my board I only use the 3.3V to protect the Backup ram that works with 3.3V only (4.2V absolute).... Without the battery every time you disconnect it will take 35 seconds to start up.... With battery only 1 second (Hot Start).
  • Admin
    Here I guess , right now without the board you can call them Chips.
    @Jordi , Without the board it wouldn't matter. and rechargeable things discharge when left alone for some time. So that would not be my best argument in this case against 50 cents battery. Looking forward to see the board in stores soon. Cheers
  • Where can you buy Meditek MK3329 Chips? I am not seeing any on the usual vendors.
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