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Meetup with DIY Drones folks this week

Jordi and I will be at the FIRST Robotics National Championships at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta this Thursday, running a planning session for a new FIRST Indoor Aerial Robotics competition (we'll be demoing blimps and quadcopters). If you're going to be there, give us a shout out in the comments and I'll give you the details of the meeting place.

And then on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, we'll be in Boulder, Colorado for the Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition. We'll be joining a bunch of other DIY Drones regulars, including the UAV DevBoard team (including the great Bill Premerlani), Doug Weibel, Tim Trueman, Ryan Beall, Pete Hollands, Ben Levitt, Adam Barrow and others. So if you're in the Denver/Boulder area, come to Sparkfun on Saturday and hang out with us!
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    Tim, well you should spend as much time as you can checking out all the teams and the competition, so earlier is better. But as for meeting us, give me a call on my cell at around 5:00. I'll PM you my cellphone number.
  • Yes, I can come to the Georgia Dome. What time/specific place?
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    Can you come to the Georgia Dome tomorrow? The FIRST event is worth seeing! (Plus you can meet us)
  • I'm a new member, but I've been reading your site occasionally since the Wired article. I think what you guys are doing is really great. I'm going to school at Georgia Tech right now, so I'd love to meet with you guys while you are in town if you have the time.
  • Chris, Are you and Jordi going to make the BBQ ?
  • wishful thinking Chris :D was hoping it was the 22nd more or less... cause then I had more of a chance of making it down there with my sons to stoke their fires...
  • Developer
    I constantly feel so far behind what I want to get done that I'm sure tomorrow could be next Thursday ;)
  • 3D Robotics
    How could "this Thursday" be the 22nd?
  • Is that Thursday the 15th or 22nd for Atlanta? (assuming the 15th)
  • FIRST is a great audience for DIYDrones . I wish I had time to attend the event. I'll try to catch a few minutes of the competition through webcast. ( robotics.nasa.gov )
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