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  • on second thoughts I should have found a better photo..:)
  • Guys guys guys..
    You read about this project and all you understand is that the weapon is dangerous??
    Ok..let's talk about it..
    Community faced some problems with the ardurover project..this guy here solved a lot of problems..he combined 4x4 all terain vehicle with good speed(a con of crawlers),estamblished a good video and audio connection and a good range..
    He also combined sensor (that's what i understood after a fast visit to his site on my mobile)
    That's my opinion..i might be wrong..but i think that you must pay a visit to his site..
  • Well it is a good idea for Holywood,robotic demolition shows or some special operations, but definitely not for a hobby...Fire extinguisher is very good idea Varga!

    Aside from this, I wonder how long it will run before batteries are finished?

  • yeh sorry but i dont think this will do much for our hobby one bad shot and the good work people do here will be all in vain once the media saw it


    but just my opinion

  • Ok but noone here will take the responsibility as a developer if an airsoft rambo shot out his friend's eye with an ardurover tank....

    Substitute the assault rifle with a fire extinguisher and it will be ok as a robotic fire engine...

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