Melbourne UAV is out of the Outback Challenge

Hi Guys,
Unfortunately down here in Melbourne Australia we have had a very wet winter, which has made it virtually impossible for us to fly our X8 UAV in preparation for the 2012 Outback UAV Challenge. We fly on a private farm about an hour from Melbourne which for months has had either had water laying on the ground or been too muddy to get our cars in.
What this means for us is we didn't get enough Autonomous hours logged for our Deliverable 3 to stay in the competition. It's disappointing because we were pretty confident that this was going to be the year! :)   (Third time lucky and all)
The main purpose of this post was to say a big thanks to all our sponsors and people that have helped us along the way.
And a special big thanks to for their greatly appreciated support with the
Awesome X8 airframe. Please have a look at the link as it is a great airframe for UAV / FPV use!
We would also like to thank all the people that took the time to tweet and leave messages through
It's always amazed me how so many people have taken an interest in a few mates having fun just entering a competition.
Best of luck to all the teams that have put in the hard work to get there on the day and I'm guessing the ground will be littered with bottles around Joe this year! It's shaping up to be a great event!
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    Hi Carl,

    I doubt the organisers will let non-competing teams fly. The time constraints for the competition are quite tight, and I think they will want all the time available for the competing teams.

    Hopefully Scott will have better weather preparing for the 2014 competition! If someone does manage to 'rescue' Joe this year then it will be interesting to see if the competition is changed for next time.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • What a shame.

    Surely you have enough runs on the board with this and similar enough aircraft to enter your D3!

    Still, we have found how difficult it all is. We have been flying in such winds and cold that Joe would not have got out of bed to go bushwalking in!

    You definitely need more than one aircraft.

    Will you be attending Kingaroy?

    I would love to see the X8, and the set up you have developed.

    Jack. CanberraUAV.

  • Sad to hear you didn't make the competition the air craft certainly looks capable Is it possible they would let you fly any way? not for a trophy or such but just before or after the competition to see how you would have  fared? and maby get some pointers for next time? Good luck

  • Ow :( That's a real shame! Maybe you'll have better luck next year!

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