Melbourne UAV meet

Hey All, with the outback challenge preparations for 2011 about to heat up, the upcoming Australian air show ( ) might provide us a great opportunity to meet up for some pizza/hot-dogs and a catch up.

If anyone’s interested we’ll organise a time and place, hopefully sometime during the week of the air show (1st – 6th march), whether it’s inside the grounds or just at a local restaurant.


Post a reply if your keen and we’ll see what happens.


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  • All, if you're following this thread we're organising this meet through the RC Groups forum. So far Friday is looking good but head over to there if you’re coming along.

    Here’s the link:                         


  • Hey I live in Melbourne.
  • Thank you!
  • Hey Lauri, Mick Molloy just opened an official 2011 outback challenge thread at RCG so that's got to be a good sign:


  • Are there any rumors on where the 2011 outback challenge will be held and whether there will be substantial changes to the open challenge?
  • I'm planning a one or two day excursion, probably by car.

    If you post a contact nearer the event I can pick my days.

    Love to meet.



  • Would love to meet up with some like-minded, UAV-type individuals in Melbourne sometime.  That's if I'm in the country at the time.


    I'm only a mucker-abouter, HIL APM type of character at the moment though.  Lots of ideas and enough knowledge to be dangerous!

  • nah thats fine Matt.

    Funny Mr Mortimer :)

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    I think Scott refers to himself as the Melbourne UAV meat, but I have no idea what he means by that.
  • haha sorry Scott, I didn't think about that. Would you like me to change the title to save any confusion? Look forward to seeing you there.
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