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  • In the E-calc, I tried to figure out with a 12s which props would give good perf and actually I always end up in error message that I reach motor Wattage limits... anyway, 6 or 8s to me would be already good :-)

  • True but it's still a bit strange that HK came out with huge low-kV outrunners right after T-Motor did. Don't get me wrong - I don't mean knockoff in any negative way, as it usually comes up here. It is as it is - in the end, competition is only good for us customers.

    But considering that those motor are for huge mcopters which normally would be a bit outside the RC hobby scope, I don't think that HK just had the idea "hey let's make some huge motors for huge mcopters" out of themselves :).

  • there is nothing "exceptional" in the design except bigger size. it's like saying everyone else is copying axi's (or whoever was first to build brushless motor) motors, because they are all outrunners :)

  • well, weight difference 1,5 times and voltage - turnigy up to 6s while u8 is rated up to 12s..

    i would say those are just different motors.

  • Bad knockoff then :D. As far as I followed that development, Hobby King came out with their huge motors relatively shortly after T-Motor introduced the U8. Maybe not an 1:1 knowoff but still VERY close and definitely targeted at the same audience.

  • I was comparing two motors on the links, T-motor's u8 and that turnigy hobbyking is selling. start with simple things - one is 385g, while other is 240 - they just cannot be "same" (or rip-off) motor..

  • Or if you mean Hobby King and T-Motor - The Hobby King version is a knockoff with similar performance data - on paper.

  • Jaan:

    No, they are not. The T-Motor U8 is explicitly marketed for the MD4-1000 and as "German design".


  • Jaan, and, is there a real perf different? (maybe too early to say?).

  • *md4-3000, sorry.

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