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  • They have got a radio system integrated but at these sizes a high power/size radio and antenna would be impossible. GPS (although tiny now) would represent about half the board space.
  • If they have them equipped with some kind of wireless gear (think xbee) and GPS, they could be easily airdropped en masse over zones of interest and work in a swarm, covering huge areas, pushing data from sensors through the mesh back to HQ and self destruct when their work is done.
  • That circuit board looks amazing! I like the way that there are minimal individual parts and assembly consists of inserting and soldering the motors. These could be made quite affordable. Another thing that I like is that the parts are such high quality, none of that cheap stuff. I can't wait to see a video.
  • Wow, that thing is beautiful
  • Who started selling counter rotating 2" propellers? Those brushed motors wear out fast.
  • Problem is it's so light that the control system will have to be knife edge otherwise it will flip...
  • I know, and a one piece system is so light and easy, no wiring problems.
  • What I see the most amazing is how simple its production is. Just manufacture the PCB board and mount 4 motors. Thousands of these can be produced by a small company within a day.
  • Alex, with three rotors you'd need to add a 1 DOF rotary joint with a servo... not sure if that would be lighter than just using 4 rotors on a flat board.
  • Surely it requires either a servo or some heading hold kit? Also on average dosent run one of thhe motors far hotter?
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