Miniquads - amazing performance from these DIY Drones!..

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What does all this mean?

I haven't seen anyone post about this on here so I thought it would be a good chance for people to have a look at the amazing performance people like CHARPU are getting from miniquads.

Take a look at the onshot125 esc firmware video below and some of the other vids!

The technology for miniquads has come so far in just a few months and is changing daily. New motors for miniquads are coming out what seems like every week. Similar to the endurance copters people were experimenting with last year... It's also something that DJI and 3DR haven't touched so far...

here's one of my vids (i'm still learning)

If you're interested in getting into miniquads you should check out the miniquadclub

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  • Thx for this post Mike T. One thing worth mentionning too is that mini quads are now hitting the 150km/h top speed barrier more and more (93mph), with some bursts going already around 170km/h, with a short term goal to reach 200km/h (124mph) with the help of 6S tech adapted to its mini world. The jump in video rendering, surprising for some of our friends like Samm who still are stuck with 70km/h max top speed videos in mind, happened quite fast with people like Charpu, Juz60, Boris B, MetallDanny following the steps of Warthox - now going 10° on motors mounts and switching over to 6" props combo (amongst other improvements as you mentionned already). The fact that they are all preparing for "world races" is interesting - it's going to be a carnage. Latest videos worth mentionning for our non believers friends are those two:


    Cheers :)

  • hi Samm, people often think charpu's vids are sped up. He puts ALL FOOTAGE IN REAL TIME in the description of every video because of this.

  • the first video(Soothing Madness) just cheating. It is used the speed up process on video editor to do the cheating, quite plain and simple.

  • There certainly is some serious progress being made in this area - no question at all!

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