Mjolnir UAV platform

The Mjolnir UAV platform is a great test platform in scale version.

It's made as a test plane with very large fuselage:





3689471587?profile=originalThe Strong Fiber glass fuselage will take a lot of beating and rough landings.

It's including a strong Twin Gas motor.

3689471894?profile=originalEmpty plane 11.5kg.
Max loading 20kg
Can loading 8kg
Motor 50-100cc

Wingspan: 2.61m

Twin stroke engine: 55cc

45-150 km/hour

See more about this great Test UAV

Price: 1995 USD + shipping from China

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    The nose wheel. Sorry for the confusion on the pictures.
  • The fellow Standing beside the plane gives it some scale that is a lot larger than I figured I take it back what I said about the cost ! It is about the size drones will have to be in the future if they want to have any range and carry a worth while pay load (sysmec gear etc)  With a tight cowl over the cooling fins the motor is getting cooled Trial and error will tell if it is getting cooled enough You guys have a great day!

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    Also, when I look to motor cowling, I seen VERY small area of cooling exhaust. Tipically must have a triple area of entry...

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    Empty plane 11.5kg.

    Wingspan: 2.61m

    Can loading 8kg

    Simple calculations show extremely high wing load...

    It's flew like a lead sled, especially on landing.


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    Nice, which one is selling the taildragger or nose wheel??

  • It is built as a drone (No wind shield) and is large enough to actually carry something other than the essential electronics If that is the base price for the shell and the motor it would cost a lot of $ to finish it off and make it "operational"my radian pro at around $250 is about $100 more than it is worth I am not sure of the cost of the twin engine but in my September copy of Airplane Magazine page 82 At the top of the page Tower Hobbies has a 55cc gas engine for $369.99 which includes the pumped carb ignition system mount and muffler . Subtract that from the price of $1995. That is $1625.01 for the shell that is about $800. to $1000.more than what it is worth. Nice plane !

  • beautiful design!!!

  • Very nice!  I love the landing gear with proper shock absorbers.

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