Modding a Wikipad for use as a ground station


Hi all,

I got a Wikipad (an Android tablet that targets gamers) to experiment with as a ground station / second TX, mostly because it has dual joysticks. There is a lot of work to be done until it has RC-controller like capabilities. First step was a workaround for the design flaw that no USB data ports are exposed when you have the tablet snapped into the joysticks. I did the mod and then made this guide:


Hope you guys find this useful! I will be working to add Wikipad support to Droidplanner and maybe Andropilot too.


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  • Hunh. Will be fun when the cheap ones hit the market. I added physical joystick support for DroidPlanner:

  • 3692820625?profile=originalthis is nice adapter from   joysky

     only  15 dollar

      but  where can  we can buy

  • Göran, yes, it works in host mode since it's android 4.1.1 . I have not had time to try it with easycap or similar yet but hopefully will get around to trying that soon!

  • Question: Can it work in USB host mode? Also, have you tried it with easycap for FPV?

  • Wow, great work, think I'll pick one of these up, they look great! Thanks for the guide.

  • Kudos on using droid planner!

  • Developer

    Nice job Aaron!!  That looks cool!!

  • @Arthur Yep, thought about it and then went for the quickest hack I could think of with the stuff I had on hand instead. There is tons of empty space inside that controller. You could pack it all full of goodies; I actually think you could fit + small hub + 3DR radio + analog video receiver + usb video encoder if you removed some of the internal plastic and used micro size connectors or hard wired everything.

  • Developer

    That's awesome Aaron. As I told you, if you need any help to integrate with DroidPlanner just call me.

    Have you thought about integrating the telemetry radio into the case?

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