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    Hi Karen. Any update on your project? 

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    I did just add you on twitter (Omnifox). Most of my questions were about buoy placement, density, and keeping them stationary, but I think you'll be able to answer them better if I give you time to process the whole flight. ;) Thanks, subscribed. 

  • Excellent stuff thanks for replying, hope all flies well and we get to see some results when it's all ready.

  • No dramas MarioSpeedwagon - you should be able to subscribe to my blog and twitter (@kejoyce2) to get my updates as well. Far better to have nine questions showing interest than none at all!

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    I just read the response I was going to post and it had 9 more questions in it. I'll give ya a break and watch for your results. 

    Thanks for joining, and please continue to update us on your projects. 

  • Hi MarioSpeedwagon - yes that's correct, just offshore. This was purposeful for the pilot study (no pun intended) to start out with the simplest option. Still working on the image matching. We deployed some reflective buoys so hopefully that will help.

    3DR also posted just last week that they have a gimbal for the FLIR Vue Pro, but I haven't actually seen it for sale yet. Have a look at the bottom of this page

  • Hi benbojangles - no, no LiDAR :) To be honest I'm not interested in them unless they're bathymetric. If someone wants to buy one and fly it on my craft then I'm open to it, but it's not core business for me. It does have a parachute, though I actually haven't bought it. As most of my work is in the marine environment, this isn't recommended because it is likely to act as a kite in the water and potentially cause more damage to coral etc by getting dragged along or entangled. A parachute + a floatation device would be great though! Have briefly looked at OpenROV in the past, but not further delved into it. Definitely looks interesting, but there just aren't enough hours in the day to be involved in everything!

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    Funny timing. I just saw this on SUAS news today.

    Anyone want to buy a Tau2?  ;)

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    Thanks Karen. I don't blame you for not wanting to fly your other sensors over the bay. 

    It looks like all your Flir flights were just off the shore? Were you able to match any of the images that dont have visible dry ground, or did you just get those ones to process? 

  • Also, have you got a chute for it?

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