The Montana Senate Judiciary Committee took testimony on a bill that would apply a civil fine against anyone flying a drone less than 500 ft over private property.
It's a dangerous step towards outlawing drones altogether, and could hobble our growing UAS industry in Montana.
It's really a horrible piece of legislation attempting to solve a problem better dealt with in other ways.
The original text called for a $500 fine for flying less than 500ft over private property.
Here's the story about the proposed rule in the Helena IR.
Below I've pasted a link to the contact info for members of the Montana Senate Judiciary committee.
Please call or email everyone of them and tell them that Montana has been on the cutting edge of drone technology and irrational fears and misguided legislation can stifle a budding Montana UAS industry.
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  • I have to give credit to the Arizona state legislature for passing a law forbidding local municipalities from writing their own UAV laws.

  • Also do not forget to remind them they have zero authority to regulate airspace, that authority is solely the domain of the FAA by direction of Congress.

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