BOZEMAN, Mont. -

Drones raced and crashed at the first annual Bridger Cup drone flying competition Saturday. It was all good fun but the technology that powers drones can make them a lot more than toys. Tech giants like Amazon are looking to drones to change the way they deliver to customers.

Big Sky UAV CEO, Pepper Petersen, said, "The reason Amazon wants to deliver packages with drones isn't because they like drones or because they think they're cool. It's because they can save billions of dollars and open up new markets that never existed before."

Pepper said it can be used to revolutionize different industries including construction, agriculture, emergency services and delivery services.

"Now with drones, traffic doesn't matter anymore, the roads dont matter anymore, as long as the airspace is clear. and  so i think in the next five years we're going to be seeing drones do jobs we never though they would do," said Petersen.


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