MookaFrame: New 3D frame

I am trying to convince me that AC2 can fly better...

So, in my spare time, I designed this new frame. I think to send in production (ponoko?) as soon as possible.

The concept is that everything, especially motors, must be protected.

I definitely must add the landing gear, propeller protection and camera mount, shouldn't I?

Any suggestion appreciated.





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  • If you're going to be using large rotors relative to arm size, and you're not worried about arm-to-arm bending stress...  add a projection below the motor basket for "pool noodle" sections of foam to grip.  That gives you a floatable landing gear that will protect your props from landing tip-first.

  • I would like to print in 3D (shapeways) the parts you see in the figure. Maybe I have to split the main body, because it is too big for single shot printing.

    For heating of motors, I think it is enough to make some holes around the motors mounting.

  • honestly, first thing that came to my mind, motors will overheat, and i have never broken a motor, maybe bent a shaft but thats it.

    im curious about this printing parts your talking about can you explain more?

  • well.. I have broken nearly everything on the quad, but no motors, that's why i'm saying...

  • Thank you Fab. I was trying to add the protection of the is not so simple...because I want to print it in ShapeWays and they have strict rule about size.

    I will try. However, I think it is better to protect the props with a circular ring around them.

  • this looks interesting. can you change the caps at top and bottom so that is has cirular umbrella top and bottom. the video below shows some of this idea although they are not wide enough. the idea is to also protect the props so that we have an enclosed machine inside its own safety net? does this make sense

    look at the close up of the copter at the very start

  • Is it not enough to open holes on the sides?

    I can assure to you that, as a newbie, when the quad crashes the first which gets broken is the motor ...maybe I have to fly it on the asphalt...

  • it does not cool with only the upper part open, the air can't go through it, you need to open the lower side, too.

    microdrones are the only frames i know which use this. I think you would be happier without these "protectors" they break too easy to really protect something (a well known problem of microdrones)

    to reduce your dirt problem, i would suggest using motors which are not open, it helps a lot!

  • Did you ever tried to fly the copt in a field with grass? I alway found any sort of grasses inside the motor (plus terrain grains...)

    It is not a problem the heat, because the upper part is still open.

    See also other professional frames, like microdrones...

  • why do you want to protect the motors?

    they are the last thing which brakes, but they will get much hotter with this protection

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