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In an announcemnet today Rich Hanson, AMA Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs Representative said:


"an agreement on the proposed language was a little more difficult to achieve in the House than in the Senate, and we were unable to settle on the exact verbiage before the Bill was sent to the floor for a vote."


Either he is extrememly lost or can't read the Congressional record. Perhaps he meant to say that because the Nugent amendment only protected recreational sUAS and did not give the AMA a monopoly, we had to get him to withdraw it. 


Congressman Richard Nugent (R,FL) had submitted an ammendment to make all aircraft flying within AC 91-57 and under 55 pounds exempt from regulation. Note that his amendment had no mention of any CBOs (IE: AMA) being exempt.


The Nugent amendment was a great amendment exempting 90% of hobbyists (including FPV and autonomous use). I guess we know who was behind stopping it. What I don't understand is why they can't even tell their membership the truth, I am an AMA member and tired of being lied to.

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  • Had to clarify this. Rich Hanson recently called my a liar over this. He says they were fully aware of Nugents amendment but didn't work with him. Sorry Rich, I gave you the benefit if the doubt when you said you didn't work with him. I thought it was because you didn't know. Now realize it was because you didn't bother or refused to work with someone who wanted to help Americans instead of making the AMA a monopoly.

    I thought they were blind, now I realize they have an agenda, and it isn't good for recreational flyers in the USA.

    Note that AMA President Dave Matthewson is now the paid Executive Director of the AMA. I'm betting things will get even worse now.

  • Just got an Email from Rich Hanson. He said they weren't aware of Nugent's amendment.

    Funny, they are getting paid to do this stuff and I am more informed?

    Something rotten in Muncie me thinks.

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