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  • @ Max Levine ..Hopefully it's not arducopter RC2.



  • so the trunk version not the released ones in download section ..correct ? If yes then which version do you prefer ?



  • Developer


    ArduCopterMega :)



    Need to fly it first :) Jani will have ArduCopter Hexa frames ready, and I'll try to do a similar setup for Y6 (motors props etc..)  

  • How about the power efficiency using Y6 vs normal hexa?
  • which code ..? Arducopter NG  or arducopter mega ? Can you please paste the link ?




  • Developer
    In CLI go to 'setup' >> 'frame' and you'll all the frames to choose :)
    +,X,Tri,hexa and as soon as I'll finish my Y6 frame for testing it will support Y6 :)

    @Willem thats the FPV tx/rx that i use, he was holding the laptop just like that so you see no cables :)))
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    Nice Max, Good Job


  • does ACM code support tricopter ? if not then where do we get the code ?
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    Looks like it went better than my first FPV flight. Hit me with any bugs you find. 


  • oh verry nice!
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