More video of my AGV


I changed the motor driver to a l298 to provide more amps to my motors than the l293d did. (l298 picture below)


I am back from testing my AGV some more. Here is some video of it going around a retention pond in a parking lot. The first gps point was a little off and it came close to the grass but it wasnt too bad. Almost ready for Sparkfun's contest lol.

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  • There were just 4 waypoints in total, one at each corner of the oval. I would have to say its turns are due to its slow speed and maybe my formula of degree error/180 * 4000 = motor delay when turning. No turn rate limiter but it is an unexpected, but i am happy with it, out come of turning. I also now believe that it got too close to the grass due to the second way point being off, because once it got near the grass it drove straight so i should have moved that waypoint in some but i did get that waypoint off of google maps and didnt change it when i got on site.
  • Sweet. How many way points were around the curves, or did you have the turn rate limited? From the camera angle it made a fairly nice oval, not square corners...
  • Developer
    Add a heat sink to motor driver for longer cooler life
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