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  • Because the analyzed part was not built to function as part of the lifting system.

  • PIC_12.png?width=720

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  • i do not understand what that drag coeficient relates to? the drag force around 7N seems normal ( around 200W to fly level is not great but it is ok ) but with that drag force S.Cd is around 40 10-3 so how can the drag coeficient be over 1?? 

  • I'm will use Autodesk Inventor for stress analysis. The drag coefficients is really awfully high for an airplane.

  • I'm use a 3ds Max for modeling and use Autodesk Flow Design for analysis. I use a plan for 

  • The drag coefficients seem awfully high for an airplane. I guess exponent is missing?

  • good which software ?

  • First frame shows interesting layer separation at the forehead.
  • 100KM

    Very interesting. what program are you using for analysis and how did you digitize the R/C reaper?

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