MQ9 build log part-1

Long time ago I bought MQ9 airframe. But couldn't find anytime to assemble it. But in these days i started to assemble it. I read their manual but it was sux so i did it with my way ^^ Here is the elevator and rudder connections;


ESC will be cooling with air hole. it's very good i think cuz i have big motor:)

looks cool isn't it ? :P

There is a question for you guys if i want to coloring it which type of paint do you suggest? its fiber glass covered with shrink film. i wanna make it black :P

Take care.

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  • I'm working on my company now. so dont have much time to work on my mq 9 but i'm using this brushless but didnt fly yet in 1 or 2 weeks i will add more photo maybe videos for building log.
    take care.
  • I am working on the same model I hope to add Ardupilot Mega into it. What Brushless motor you useing and ESC, looks like exceed stuff in there. Any other pics? What kind of servos do you [lan to use?
  • cool but lemme ask a question. where will you put batteries? i will put them front for center gravity cuz my motor is freaking heavy.
  • Just a quick overview, I'll try to post some pictures of the painted portion on google's "picasa"
  • Ok thanks for it waiting for your trying btw where did drilled for air speed sensor head cover or head case ? or somewhere else can you share images?

  this one atm but i will try it with rc setup first (wont use ardupilot) to see its ok or not. i have couple motors for trying

  • Oh and which motor are you using?
  • I only plan on painting the small area that I had to drill through for the airspeed sensor, and I'm going to leave it the grey primer color. My only concern for the wings is that the aerosol could eat through the covering. I'll let you know how well the primer sticks to the fiberglass though.
  • let me know when you try painting stuff ;)
  • I have the same model and I am in the build process too. The airframe is fiberglass (not covered, trust me I drilled though it) but the wings are built up ply and covered. I'm going to try painting it with a grey primer, and then I can paint it any color I want.
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