Mugin 3M v III

The new design of the Mugin UAV 3M is out.

It's a huge UAV platform with 300 mm wingspan. The platform caters to larger UAS projects such as universities or commercial projects. It's really not a beginner platform.


The platform is available here: Mugin UAV 3m vIII

It comes with or without engine/prop.






Twin Motor


Type: Two-stroke piston valve petrol aircraft engine
Displacement: 55cc(27.2ccx2)
Bore x Stroke: 34mm×30mm
Carburettor: Walbro(Diaphragm & Butterfly Valve)
Max. Output: 5.6ps/7600rpm
RPM Range: 1600-7800rpm
Weight: About 1780g(Engine+muffler+CDI)
Ignition power: Auto advanced CDI(DC 4.8 Volts , 4 cell NiCad or NiMh battery)
Fuel mixture(Ratio of gasoline and oil): 25-40 : 1
Propeller: 20X12-23X8 two-blade prop( suggest to use 22x8 prop)

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  • btw, this was my first post here, I found this topic by looking the diydrones blog every day. 

  • eduardo,

    Are you selling it? Do you sell only the frame? I'm in Brazil too. Please tell me how much do you want for the frame (if you sell only the frame) my e-mail is


  • My Mugin V3 has arrived and its a humongous plane. This will be able to carry multiple sensors and additional fuel tanks. I an thinking of using the SullivanUAV generators to sustain electric power. Has anyone tried this set before?


    May I ask where I can buy spare 22X8 props. This is the first time I will fly a gasser this large.


    Jerome Lacap


    Agricultural Monitoring team

  • This thread is about MUGIN my friend.

    You will find this um rcgroups threa about HUGIN.

  • can anyone tell me the measurement of the payload bay of hugin 2 uav platform. thank you

  • @Andrew, the camberra MUGIN is the version 1.

    I look at mugin v3 and the wing is made all by wood.

    The hinge use the ribbing terminal.

    I think the the wing from v1 and v3 are different.

  • Thanks Andreew.

    Here are my first blog post about MUGIN:

    Here you can see the main gear attachment to fuselage, noose gear details, motor bay and some more ..

    I will put construction details in the next post.

  • Developer

    @Eduardo, sorry email didn't get through - maybe got caught by our spam filter? You are welcome to join our mailing list, or just ask Stephen Dade, Jack Pittar or myself Qs here. Jack is the expert on the setup of our Mugin.

    Cheers, Tridge

  • Developer


    About 90 minutes, with plenty of fuel left, at about 32m/s cruise speed. We had a takeoff weight of around 17kg or so.

    We needed a lot of weight in the nose - we actually used a big lead-acid battery in the nose to power our electronics, which also acted as ballast!

    Cheers, Tridge

  • @Andrrew,

    do you remember about mugin endurance with 3000cc ?

    How much weight you need in cargo bay to get a correct CG ?

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