Mulitrotors on the set of Mythbusters

Adam Savage and the crew over at talk multirotors on their most recent podcast still untitled. Adam mentions that one of the cameramen, Duncan Clark, has been using the quadcopter for a few season, and has recently upgraded to an octocopter.

Tried to dig a bit deeper on the cameraman setup but haven't turned up anything. Wonder if he is a member?

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  • @Duncan - I'd be interested to hear what rig you fly for them now. Have you had any issues with FAA or other authorities? 

  • Hey that's me - ...I'm only a year late to the conversation unfortunately. Are you all still active members?

  • Developer

    Here's Duncan Clark's LinkedIn profile, it looks intentionally empty.

  • Sorry, here, bad copy/paste on mobile:

  • Steve I'm having trouble with that link? 

  • At the beginning of a recent episode it showed Jamie pretending to work on an octo. Looked like a Tarot frame with DJI Naza:
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