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3689480766?profile=originalHi All, my name is Peter Spero, I am an musician and composer from Chicago.  I would like to create original musical scores for pilots who are capturing media from their UAVs.  You can check out some of my music at  Much of the music on this site are my POP creations but I can also go way to the HipHop and Electronica side.  Thanks All!!!  There's no cost involved for now so please let me know if you are interested.

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  • George, thanks for the insight on creating dubstep music.  I'm going to take your suggestion and download a dubstep sample and loop pak called "dark matter" by a company called loop masters.  I really didn't listen to much dubstep until my band played lollapalooza in Chicago this year.  While I was there I saw a band called Justice, the music (and light show) was hypnotic and extremely energetic.  I would like to try my hand as a composer on this music, should be fun.  Thanks for your input, if you have any other advice, please feel free to contact me.

  • @Peter Spero  - The most classic characteristic of dubstep is an LFO, the rate of which is continuously altered.

    The destination of the LFO could be anything from fiter cuttof freq. to amplitude, but in most cases more than one function.

    Also, since you are a recording artist, (i know this may sound wrong) limit the crap out all your individual channels to get the level of loudness required. Remember, this is not acoustic stuff where you want to maintain your dynamics, quite the opposite, it is a race for who's going to sound the loudest.

    If you're synthesizing everything yourself, you may find this to become too technical and layering multiple sounds to produce thickness is a must. If on the other hand you want quick results, I suggest buying a dubstep oriented sample pack which should save you months building your sounds.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck :)

  • Developer

    Thanks for your offer sir! You can contact me at in the future, or via DIYDrones private message.

  • Very good Mohammed, thanks for contacting me about this.  

  • Developer

    Thanks Peter, 

    CPVRC is completely non-commercial, and its not 'guys' its just me - a 14 year old kid and his drones.... Its all for and about my hobby! Its simply my blog!

  • Mohammed, thanks for the heads up on "juz70" and the TBS guys, I have contacted them.  I like the idea of producing music for the CPVRC show, I'll think on this.  I'm getting a lot of response on possible scores to create so it will end up being a time management thing for me.  Just curious, Is this a commercial venture, meaning do you have a budget for this, or are you guys just starting up.

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    I've been following 'juz70' for a pretty long time and his video are pretty COOL! If your're having trouble contacting him you might want to try the TBS guys :

    TBS is THE BEST in FPV footage and flights.

    P.S - would you be interested in producing music for the CPVRC show for my blog here:

    Blog :



  • Does anyone know an FPV pilot from Australia named Justin (juz70 on youtube).  Here is an example of his footage.  He's an amazing pilot and his videos are outstanding.  I've messaged him on YouTube but am having a hard time getting a hold of him, I would like to score one of his videos.  If anyone comes in contact with him on the internet, please let him know that I am trying to get a hold of him.  Thanks!  My email is

  • Ric, thank you for the opportunity to create music for your flight, really fun!  5 kids, you must be one busy guy!  Might be cool to have some sheet music for an arrangement and have them perform it, they probably would have fun with that.  Thanks again for the opp.

  • Well.....very cool Peter :)

    We were wondering what you would do with this little clip ~ I have 5 kids and all play instruments.... so this was fun. :)

    Now someone with real FPV and video experience may give you a real nice video to work ~

    Thanks for taking the time :)


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