My aircraft under testing.....

It is my RC aircraft, it have been under testing to approach lower power consuming and longer fight range.We have used 10000mA@14.1V battary. and hoped to fly over 90min in 10km range(With Datalink). XD

My partner have used the "FMA Direct Co-Pilot" to stabilize the attitude of aircraft first and guidance via GPS. but the Co-Pilot easy beinterfere with environment and weather. so I have tried to replace Co-Pilot+GPS system by GPS/INS data fusing algorithm via PIC32 or dsPIC30F uC and IMU components.
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  • Hey John...loving your blog. You mentioned a company that builds these to order..who are they?? Thanks

  • Ho

    Sorry - I wasn't trying to be snarky - just making a very subtle allusion to the laughing man's hacking...
  • Nullified:
    Ya. There are some workshop can make aircraft by custom's requirements. We just provide the design graphics. XD we are not good at make FRP aircraft. It need master worker to do that. And we can focus on Flight Controller design.

    Jack Poller:
    Thanks your opinion. We have another partner tried to figure out this problem.
  • Perhaps if you stopped hacking the video signal, you'd fly longer, laughing man!
  • Nice airplane, who makes that aircraft? Or is it custom?
  • I had measures the ground speeds about 5XKm/hr via GPS, but I just tested it few hundred meters range in 4X minutes due to the RF modules limit. I have ordered the long range type from Aerocomm co. and High Gain antenna. I estimate this aircraft should can fly over 10Km (include return home) without tune.

    Because I have to complete my Ph.D degree exam at June. I wish I could complete 1st part work before National Defense exhibition in August.

    This aircraft have good lift/sink rate. If consider the power consumption control in flight control unit. maybe it's flying distence will out of my imagine.
  • 100KM
    nice bird laughing man
  • Moderator
    How long have you flown it for so far?
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