Dear all,

It is to cold to fly now, so why don't you rest and enjoy a book about your favorite hobby? My recently released book : les drones, la nouvelle révolution, is the first book about civilian drones, in French.

It starts with an history of drones from 1918 to now. Then it moves to the different designs and explains the principle of flight applied to drones. The art of remote piloting is revealed, so are the main civilian uses. Air law and regulation is not forgotten. The last chapter invites you to build and fly an APM based quad. 

The book contains lots of pictures and drawing. A gift for you or for your friend.

It is available in big book stores (FNAC) or on Amazon. 28 euros.

Happy landings


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  • Hi, it is nice to hear the french accent here. Come and join us at the Paris Drones Meetup once a months sur les grands Boulevards.


  • @Julien : I read it and no, it is not a technical manual. It is an easy to read book and is more an introduction of all the UAV spectrum, from military to hobbyist. For exemple you will learn that Marilyn Monroe was building UAV ;-)

  • Jullien, besides the APM, the book also presents others autopilots like the canadian Micropilot + the Horizon mission planner that fits the Trimble X100 UAS. It also deals with the Mikrokopter one. It contains some formulas, but it is not the primary goal of the book.
    Enjoy your relaxing reading.


  • Super boulot!

    Perso j'aurais opté pour un "PixHawk based quad" plutôt qu'APM car celui-ci est déjà obsolète.

    Y a-t-il des explications techniques des fondamentaux des UAV avec modélisations, formules.. enfin tout pour un usage avancé ou est-ce une première approche "découverte"?

    En tout cas ça tombe à point pour noël, digne des grandes maisons de production!

  • Dear Thomas,

    An English version is an option. If you know a good publisher please let me know. A chinese editor has bought the rights and is preparing a version in mandarin! 

    Dear Hugues, you can flick the first pages on Amazon.

    Michael, I envy you, it freezing cold in Paris now!

    Kind Regards

  • Good work,

    But if you want to fly in winter come to the Caribbean 29 c all year round.

  • Beau Travaille ! Bonne Chance.

    Good Work ! Good Luck.

  • MR60

    Sympa! Un petit extrait a disposition?

  • Admin


    Will it be available in an English version?


    TCIII Admin

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