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  • Looking good!  Now show us a Video of you placing the transmitter on the ground, while the quad is in the air!  :-)

    Position Hold & Altitude Hold

  • Nice flight Michel.
    Do you know many amps draws your motor?

    I like your landing gear, looks really nice

  • pid stabel.

    p 2.100

    i 0.200

    d 1.250


    p 7.00

    i 0.050

    d 0.985


    motor to motor 60cm

    rc timer bc-2836-11 30 amp esc

  • @michel

    Looking forward to see your new mod.

  • yes i need the alu part to fit it.

  • That is really good looking piece but same problem trying to match to the motor itself, but sturdier look.

    Anyway I suppose you plan to redesign the GF sheet to match the motor.

  • 3692183807?profile=original

    ok i order this part  the motor mount it will be al lot stronger and looking beter.

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