My DIY Tri, Part 3

Part 2 of this ended up somehow as a forum posting.

After figuring out that I can remove and modify the motor shafts on my own (read part 2), I also learned that if you tap the bell and shaft of a brushless motor too hard against something, the magnets fall out. I tried my best to glue them back into place, but they were rubbing against the stator. Scrap 1 motor, but thank god I planned for a spare, and still have 3 working ones. Things are coming along. I've tested all my ESCs and balanced the motors. I still haven't got a few key components, like prop adapters. I hear they're pretty important :P

I have limited travel on my yaw assembly. I'd like it if it were able to make a full 45 degree tilt in both directions. I'm also debating if I should be planning to go with one counter rotating forward prop to help out the yaw a little. Right now, I haven't given any of the motors any kind of tilt, but that could easily be altered by adding thin washers under one side of each motor to change the direction of thrust just a little.

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  • hey thanks Matthew, I hadn't thought of that one. I'll see next time if my little dremel workstation/drillpress can manage it.

  • You can use a drill press as a press to remove the shafts. Just put a drill bit in backwards.

  • Excellent, thanks! Now I'll just have to see about picking up a couple of pushers that match my other props.
  • Tricopters are my favorite to fly,  I made a short video to see how much the tail motor actually rotates by attaching the camera to the tail motor.  I tried all three motors rotating in the same direction, works pretty good but I have two rotating one direction and one roataing opposite.  You don't need to angle any of the motors with washers becaus the rotating motor will be rotated to compensate for torque and adjusted with trim, normal preset is about 4 or 5 degrees to the right if you use the recommended prop rototations.




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