My first Attempt at a fixed wing


I wish I had taken more time to take pictures of the project as it progressed. Unfortunantly I was to busy having fun to stop and think about it.


I purchased a SZD-45 Ogar from a model shop with servos and motor already installed. With a little work (and help) I attached a 20amp ESC, battery and an 8 channel rc setup. Once that was done I took it up for a test flight to see how it flew. Everything worked well so I took it back to the basement to add the APM2. Another couple of test flights, checking functionality and modes, and it was back to the basement to get the camera and telemetry wired up. The camera is mounted to the inside, and by way of servos, drops down through the belly during flight.3689460875?profile=original3689460944?profile=original

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  • Parameters posted here if still needed. 

  • I have an RC SZD-45 Ogar...can you send me the parameter config file for the APM 2.5...thanks

  • cool there are a few people working on different ones

  • I will try to get a picture of the mount from the underside soon. I need to put it back on. The camera wasn't the best so we removed it, more of a test than a keeper.

  • I just took mine up a few weeks ago put aliron rudder mix made it alot better have not put apm in it yet i like the plate over the batt any pics of camera mount

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