My first Autopilot Project: MAP-One

Hi all,
This is my first post on this fabulous website!
May I introduce my new autopilot that I just made. He is based on the Pic18f452; this is not a strong microcontroller but he is great for begin (wether in electronic or in programming). This project allowed me to learn electronics ( schematic, routing...) and later programming.
I also intend to make a parallel library that will use and simple way to interface sensors or actuators, and thus be able to create a complete autopilot!

The MAP-One is a small autopilot without gps. When I created it, I wanted to do simple.
The MAP-One can control 4 servo and 1 ESC, he can receive 4 servo input from a rc-receiver. For low altitude, he have a SHARP (long range) sensor, an IMU connection (accelerometer (x,y,z) and gyro (x,y), power supply), a 4 pins connection for thermopile module, an another analog input (for exemple, air speed sensor) and finally 4 pins connector for a module that works with Serial (ex: xbee).It possesses a more an integrated altitude sensor (MPXA4115A6U).

My pcb board has not yet made, I intend to make fabricated by "PCB-Pool", wath do you think ?

For detail, go on my website:

If you have any suggestion, please contact me.


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  • Ok I view the specifications, Thanks for your help !
  • This is very well explained on the OLIMEX site. But on several pages. You have to read the entire PCB-OLIMEX site.


  • Ok, I'll see it now, but I don't understand SSS, SSQ, DSS or DSQ panel ! This is the size of the panel ?
  • I only tried OLIMEX 2 times for PCB manufacturing. The quality is OK, and the price very low compared to competitors. PCB-Pool is more expensive than OLIMEX. If you live in Europe (France like me?), OLIMEX is probably the cheapest proto PCB manufacturer.



  • Hi,
    On the 18f452, we one serie communication, this "autopilot" is just a developments platform for control my servo, do numeric filter but not directly flight by wire. For the Sharp, I didn't test it in outdoor but he can replaced by an another analog sensor. For compass, yaw gyro... I'm student and I don't have enough money for buy them !
    Do you know PCB-Pool ? This is a good (low price ?) manufacturer ?
  • Why no GPS?

    Where is the compass? Or at least the yaw gyro?

    Why a Sharp sensor? It is not a good sensor for outdoor. Did you try it outdoor? On grass for example?

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