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  • I dont know. That one motor always began spinning and stayed spinning longer until í calibrated several times.
  • that's fantastic! :) Having just built my own wooden multirotor I can feel how happy you must have been! Just one note, one motor was spinning for a while longer than all the others... was it because the others caught/cut the grass?

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    Getting your son directly involved makes the experience even more awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • Yes, that's the spirit.

  • Congratulations! I think the cameraman did an excellent job.

    The taller grass is just the trick for early flights. Make sure your controls are all in  the directions you are expecting before getting too high.

    Well done!


  • MR60

    congrats! That reminds me my first "flight" if I may call it so.

    Indeed, landing pads...very important to absorb shocks of first flights !

  • Moderator

    Sweet... love the landing pads!

  • It cuts grass too!

  • Admin

    I think u should exchange the roles with ur son and results will be good :).  Just kidding.. Few more practice inside a gym or large confined space will build ur confidence level in flying.  Just remember to color the arms or landing sponge balls to differentiate them from front and back of quad for orientation will be helpful.

  • It was my seven year old son taking the video.

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