My first guided flight.

This was my first guided flight a couple of months ago, just getting around to posting it.  Video is shot with my iPhone in hand, make sure to view in HD.

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  • Nice flight!
  • Thanks guys!  I'm using VMware Fusion with Windows 7 installed. 

  • He is using some type of virtual machine software.  You can see at the bottom of the screen he is running windows.  I cant say for sure but he is probably using parallels for mac.

  • Hi, how have you do to install Mission planner in mac?

  • what are you using to run Mission Planner  in your mac?

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    Nicely done!

  • Congratulations. We've put an arducopter together here as well and this worked practically out of the box (default hexa frame was used). No gain adjustment, nothing, just configuration and calibration and testing it over a sequence of four flights, incrementing from stabilized to alt hold to loiter to full autonomic mission management.

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